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Why should you choose BMS plus for your clients?

The BMS plus showroom

Who is BMS plus?

We are an independent Australian owned family business based in Brisbane.  We have developed our services specifically for Occupational Therapists and their clients offering both private showroom visits and in-home demonstrations.

No large store overheads or franchise fees and partnerships with reputable manufacturers means that we can pass savings on to our clients while providing the best products available. With our lower prices, we are committed to helping make client’s budgets go further.

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Clients in the BMS plus showroom

What gives BMS plus that extra touch for our clients?

At BMS plus, we offer functional products without the clinical look and feel, products your clients will feel comfortable using within their home.

Our showroom is a relaxed and private space, where you and your clients can take your time to choose the products that are right for them. We understand trials can be daunting, so our showroom is set up to be warm and welcoming and as enjoyable as it could possibly be. The private showroom trials are by appointment only ensuring individual attention without interruptions or prying eyes.

We also offer in-home trials where we take a long single version of an adjustable base, all of the long single mattresses available in our studio, lift chairs, scooters, etc. into your client's home or garage and make it as relaxing and enjoyable as possible for them to choose the best possible product.

We only source our products from a range of reputable manufacturers so you can rest assure your clients are getting the very best products available. With our bedding range, our focus is all about the comfort and support of the mattress. Our goal is to find a mattress that meets the client's comfort requirements, whilst ensuring the client can safely manoeuvre within the bed. Getting the mattress right is the priority and then the adjustable base will then be found to suit the client’s needs.

We are there to assist you and your client in being relaxed and comfortable infinding the right solution. We aim to remove the stress and pressure oftrialling products. We have tailored ourbusiness to be caring and compassionate to a diverse range of clients.

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